Sunday, March 15, 2015



I wish I knew who made what, because I would personally thank you for that item. I can't play favorites so I won't mention my favorites (potato salad and deviled eggs), but everything was phenomenal. Me and Courtney went to visit Patty tonight and left not being able to move. After requesting Jerry allow us to leave with a doggie bag, I finally wore him down and took some home. JK Patty pulled rank... and gave us more toilet paper.

She was able to eat a lot of that amazing food. I brought Oliver with us for her to see (much to Jerry's dismay, because he specifically told me not to bring Oliver... again Patty trumps Jerry when I texted her to ask if I could bring him. He claims Oliver disrupts "his" dogs and the dynamic of the house which causes chaos).
<------Does this look like chaos ensued during our visit? I didn't think so. That's Cooper- the love of Patty's life. We call him "Special" because he's so.... special. Genius, right?

I was able to read her some of ya'll's sweet comments, and she was so thankful that I was receiving encouraging words, as well.

We then continued to play beauty parlor. When I was around 3-4, I was obsessed with playing with Patty's hair. She got a free head massage from my chubby toddler hands and I got to feel important and play with Patty's hair like the diva I was (or still am, that picture is for you Kristyn Boyd). Win. Win.

After getting to see my mom tonight, I also am getting to see my "pretend grandmother" tomorrow. MRS. BONNIE IS COMING TO SEE ME AND WILL BE HERE AT 1:30 P.M. No, I'm not counting the hours. If anyone doesn't know already, I lived with Mrs. Bonnie and Mr. Bubba during my senior year of high school at Parklane, so I could graduate with my friends. Bonnie and Bubba are ranked up there with Patty and Jerry. I rarely make a decision without consulting one of them. After learning of my mom's cancer, Bonnie is who I called and cried to. When Patty and Jerry don't know what to do with me, Bonnie is who they call. Poor Bonnie. She all up in the Smith family... hope she doesn't mind, because we aren't going anywhere. Needless to say, I can't wait for tomorrow and I am just praying so hard that Patty feels ok enough to be able to spend a short amount of time with us. WE HAVE SO MUCH TO TALK ABOUT. THEY ARE MY TWO BEST FRIENDS.

It's so crazy to get so excited about something so simple. I assume everyone will be here forever and no one will ever get sick. A month ago it would have been no big deal if Mrs. Bonnie came up to Jackson. We would have eaten lunch, caught up and I try to map out a weekend to come to McComb to stay with them. In this instance, I called her crying and begging her to come see me as soon as she could. Without skipping a beat to ask why- She said what is your work schedule, I told her 9-1, and she said ok I can be there by 1:30 on Monday or Tuesday. I couldn't wait until Tuesday, so she's coming tomorrow.

I'm afraid. I'm not strong enough in my walk with Christ to take to my knees in prayer, but I am strong enough to know I need to talk to Mrs. Bonnie.
"Do not be afraid, O worm Jacob... I will make you into a threshing sledge, new and sharp, with many teeth." Isaiah 41:14-15
I don't know about the many teeth, but I am partial to the new and sharp threshing sledge. I want a sword and a cape so bad... that would just make my life. But.. back to Jesus. I recognize I'm the worm here and I pray that I was selected for this journey to bring God glory, not take away from it. Because I know he can lift earth's saddest failure up to heaven's glory. 
"Follow Me, and I will make you..."
Make you speak My words with power,
Make you vessels of My mercy,
Make you helpful every hour.

"Follow Me, and I will make you..."
Make you what you cannot be-
Make you loving, trustful, godly
Make you even just like Me.

This was my prayer tonight. I had no idea my words were being read by as many people as they are... I'm slightly embarrassed but ridiculously humbled at the response. My dad is the one who people listen to for spiritual guidance. I am NOT THAT. I just.. write. Knowing my words are being read by a few more people than I realized, I'm praying my words will be spoken with God's power, they will be vessels of his mercy and allow me to be helpful every hour. I pray God will make me what I cannot be in order to be that for my mom, make me loving towards her, a person for her to trust and confide in, a godly reminder that he has not forsaken us and overall to be more like Christ.

I'll finish tonight with this picture of my parents camping.. their favorite thing to do together #relationshipgoals