Friday, March 6, 2015

Day 3- Training for a Half Marathon to Battling Cancer

My dad just sent this e-mail this morning. The subject line was "Please send to all your church e-mail blast lists"

Patty is making some progress. The pain is not as great because we have learned to use her pain pump and not be afraid that you could use it too often.

We are walking twice a day now but it seriously wears her out.  Hard to believe that two weeks ago today, we ran 10 miles in preparation for last Sunday's Half Marathon ( which of course we missed due to the big "Patty's Cancer" sermon) and now, to walk 50 yards is a struggle....but she is unbelievably positive in spite of this.

I have trained her to run 6 Half Marathons (even when she talked ugly to me when I pushed her to keep going!). Now, I'm pushing her to take one more step, blow in that Spirometer one more time, and to be patient...results come with consistency and discipline. Little did we know that the principles used for training for a race would be the same principles used to fight cancer.

Our Bible Study this morning was from Habbakuk 3:17-19....and like Shadrach, Meschack, Abendego in Daniel 3:16-18, Habbakuk, (and the Smith family) are determined to trust God's will (But if Not...).

With the tube up her nose and her frequent naps, we are still not up for visitors....but I read her all the text messages and emails.  Keep praying for us and we hope to see you soon!


I will echo his words with thanking ya'll for respecting their privacy. Please feel free to blow up my e-mail or phone. I have no problem being the information gatekeeper