Sunday, March 22, 2015

Day 11- Take Me To Church

Yes, that was a pop culture reference in my title. No, I don't really know what the song is about- I just like it?

I'm supposed to be getting ready for church (oops). But I wanted to share this quick post about my devotion this morning... and also, thumbs up to those that wake up super early every morning to do your devotion and talk to Jesus. IT'S FREAKING HARD. I'd rather listen to KLove and sing at the top of my lungs to Big Daddy Weave and call that devotion. Sure, it's worship- but it ain't reading the word. Let's be honest... but if you won't tell, I won't.

This made me ponder (Stephanie Stewart Byrd) and come full circle of understanding-

Don't steal tomorrow from God's hands. Give Him time to speak to you and reveal His will. He is never late- learn to wait.

He never shows up late; He knows just what is best;
Fret not yourself in vain; until He comes just REST.

For an impatient, anxiety ridden, stressed out, right here right (Veruca Salt from Willy Wonka reference) type of person- not to reflect on my parents parenting skills, by the way- THAT'S HARD. BEING PATIENT IS HARD. I've rushed a lot of things that I ended up regretting later. If I had just waited on the Lord, his timing would have been perfect and I would have saved a lot of heartache and cleaning up a lot of messes. Also, the more time I rush, the less time I have to spend with Patty- if it's God's will.

"And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose"

Romans 8:28

A verse so simple and so worn out from being repeated over and over for comfort. I often get angry at cliches, but I finally get this verse and believe it. We may never know (this side of heaven) why God allowed my beautiful, compassionate, friend to all, wonderful, spiritually influential, Christ like example, enviously healthy mother to contract Stage 3 Ovarian Cancer. Cancer sucks (as me and Emily often say). But I do pray that God will be glorified in her disease. I do know all things work for good, according to HIS purpose (not ours, remember). My mother seeks the Lord and loves him with all her heart (more than me or the cavaliers!) and because of that love she unfalteringly has for God, the Bible assures us (or reassures us when we start to get discouraged) God works for her (never lacking in sympathy as I've previously posted about) good and for some reason, this is what purpose he has called for her. She's been rattled. We've all been rattled. But I'm so joyful in things we've forgotten about and we are not bitter or angry at God. The more I study these scriptures, the easier it is for me to not be angry. God loves me. God loves you. God loves Patty Louise Sutherland Smith (like all those 4 names Patty?) He blessed her with a husband who is up for the challenge and has given her to strength to fight. GOSH I LOVE MY PARENTS THEY'RE SO AWESOME.

**See ya'll at church- please no autographs. Jerry will get jealous.