Saturday, March 7, 2015

Day 4- Scrabble It Is

Got to actually spend time with Padre today! I bought her a brand new color of nail polish to do her nails, she wasn't groggy, asking for all kinds of updates and ready to beat me and Shaggy in Scrabble! Scrabble is a game of the Sutherland's that I can remember playing since I was old enough to spell... that and "puzzling". My mom and aunts are crazy about 1,000+ piece puzzles, the game of scrabble, never calling anyone by their given name, and singing as a form of communication.

Patty has 4 siblings and there are 12 grandchildren total. Do ya'll even know what Christmas was like in the Sutherland house? It can't even be described... you just had to experience it, but if I was forced to choose an adjective- total and complete chaos! I use that word lightheartedly, of course. There was always a table with a puzzle on it with people coming and going (and one sneaky grandchild with a piece hidden in their pocket so THEY could be the one to complete the puzzle.. I'm talking to you Graham and Tyler) and a scrabble game being played. We would stay up until 1- 2 am playing scrabble, because you can't quit in the middle of a game. Whoever had the lowest score had to give up their seat at the table and the next person on the "waiting list" got to join the game in order to make it fair. While all this chaos was going on, my mom and her sisters would be singing their conversations to each other all with a "Groove" thrown in there. Patty, Sandy and Pam (her two sisters) all call each other Groove. They forget which boyfriend of Sandy's it was back in high school or college, but he called himself "The Groove", and in their true fashion of never missing an opportunity to make a joke out of something (let me be clear by saying not make fun of, but have a good hearted laugh), Groove has stuck all these years later. I'm Casey-G/Case-O, Leslie is LayLay/Shaggy and Graham is Grammy Groo. I could try and name all the cousins, but that is way too much information to unleash on ya'll. I grew up in a large family with memories I'll never forget and "traditions" we still participate in; even in a hospital room we can try and make things a little fun.
The Groove's, Pam, Patty and Sandy

This is Jerry's update from today:

Saturday started off rough.  All of the IV's had to be changed around 5AM.  Just so you know, all IV's have to be changed after four days.  It was painful, but Patty pushed through it.

Not a lot of walking today.  The physical advancements over the last few days have left Patty tired and sore.  She used today to visit with the girls and participate in a game of Scrabble.

This lifted her spirits some.  The week has taken an emotional toll on her that wasn't visible until today.  Having the girls here helped her spirits (Graham had to work).

She is still on ice chips and hopes to start on clear liquids on Sunday. Getting out of the hospital is a matter of achieving a series of goals...the last of which is eating a small meal (if you consider jello and a "soft food" a meal).

Keep us in your prayers


I was able to read her all of your sweet messages today. She (as we all are) is overwhelmed with the outpouring of love and support. I was talking to Mrs. Kay Davis about how I've always felt like my words of support and encouragement may sound empty and generic to those experiencing tough situations, but I did not know what else to say but wanted to say something. I now know that that is not the case, at all. Every message, phone call and e-mail is such a joy to read and remind me that I'm not alone... we are not alone. It's amazing that a simple text can bring me back up from the doubt, anger, sadness and questioning God's plan for our lives. Thank ya'll... your kind words of encouragement are another defense against the devil seeping into my mind.

My 2nd birthday... as I've gotten older, this has become one of my favorite pictures