Thursday, March 5, 2015

Day 2

I'm sitting here trying to type and I look up and see this....

If anyone knows anything about me and my mom, you know we are crazy cavalier lovers. Like. WE LOVE CAVALIER KING CHARLES SPANIELS. When I moved home after graduating from Mississippi State, it was just me, Patty and Jerry 24/7... and our dogs- Cooper, Hallie and Baxter. Every night all {6} of us would climb on the couch and watch whatever particular show was on for the night. I say all 6 of us on the couch, let's be real, Jerry was in the chair. It started to become a joke that Jerry could never have any time with his wife because of the two C's: Casey and the Cavaliers. It actually wasn't a joke, because he's totally serious. So serious, in fact, he delegated a "Casey and Cavalier free date night". I even had strict instructions not to text Patty because he knew she would answer me regardless of the topic.

I tell that story because my mom is so unselfish. Before the wedding, me and Oliver {the cavalier I presently have after Hallie was put to sleep a few years back} moved back home. So for 6 {long, according to Jerry} months, there was a house full of Cavalier King Charles Spaniels and kids. It was crowded when everyone was home and under the same roof. But of course, Patty {somewhat} quietly swept up all the dog hair and continued to care for my dog along with hers. They recently adopted a rescue from the CKCS Rescue USA organization I volunteer with, Elvis. We are only missing a Ruby color to add to our "Cav Pack". Jerry may be in a tight spot when they get home and have to find her one to complete her dream of owning a cavalier in every color!


Her kids at school adore her the same way her dogs do. One of my favorite stories is when she gave her class little happy's one day. She over heard one little boy quietly singing while playing with his happy, "Thank you Mrs. Patty. I love Mrs. Patty" over and over in a sing-song voice. Of course she only told us because of how adorable the little boy was, not to boast of how much her kids love her... because they totes do. They adore her.

We hoped she would be a little further along today, but she tried to push herself too far yesterday. She had 3-4 major surgeries all at once. She is trying to heal herself as quickly as possible and tried to wean herself off pain medicine yesterday. PATTY TRYNNA BE THE HERO OVER HERE AND NEEDS TO NOT BE. There is no shame in pressing that morphine button- judgement free zone Patty. The doctor got on to her and she hits the button when she starts to hurt... which is often and a lot. However, she did manage to walk today! Her insides {that the doctor didn't take} are still "asleep" of sorts, and moving and walking around will help "wake them up". She made it two rooms down the hall and was going to try again this evening.

Still positive, of course. I've never not seen her be anything else. Still my role model, of course. I've never known her to be anything less.