Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Day 5- Encouraging Words

I'm so glad I am able to help Jerry in my small way by providing updates, and this method has proven useful. Jerry is able to get a break from writing emails and texts in order to ensure the proper communication lines are up to date and strong... not to mention correct! If anything, I'm able to assist him as secretary and I love being able to do such a small part.

As texting became more popular and the easiest form of quick communication, Jerry would enlist me and Leslie to be his "secretaries" in the car. We would answer his texts and emails, read them aloud to him and get who he needed to speak with on the phone for him. This is not an unfamiliar task to relay his information to ya'll... I just now have the opportunity to put my own spin and voice into it too!

As of Monday afternoon,

The weekend was spent resting. Patty made a few trips down the hall over the weekend, but most of the last few days have been spent trying to keep the abdominal pain under control. 

She continues to try and drink clear liquids, and this will be the goal over the next several days. 

Discharge from the hospital is still days away. Please continue to remember us.

Brother Jerry

I am going to the hospital to see her later this afternoon. I haven't had the luxury to visit with her the past two days. I have had a constant struggle with fighting staph for the last year (THAT STUFF WILL NOT GO AWAY) and it has forced me to sit on the opposite side of the room all covered in medical protection wear so I will not risk any of my "germs" to Patty and Jerry- because he's convinced I am a cesspool of germs all the time. I mean, if I sneeze I get a "ARE YOU SICK?! STAY AWAY FROM ME! I HAVE 10 MILES TO RUN TOMORROW!" *can you read the eye roll*? While Patty is all, "Calm down Jerry, she's fine and I'm sure she won't hinder your running performance and being the best runner on McRaven Road." They run on all the backroads around our neighborhood (backroad country running skills they have).

Two of my sweet friends from high school drove up from McComb to visit with me today and take me to lunch. I am fortunate that I have the same friends when things are great and the same friends when things are tough. Stephanie and Brittany have been two of my best friends since 6th grade. It's so fun to still be in touch all these years later.. even with their 3 kids, I can pretend to find something in common with them if that means we are still supporting each other in life and in friendships :)

I'm going to see my mom this afternoon and will have a more detailed updated on her projected release day :) I know she's excited but not as much as I am! Jerry even said he would get her DirectTv back so "we" (and me) can watch all our shows on Bravo! A housewives marathon is about to go down something fierce!

I will never be able to say thank you enough for your sweet words... every message is being forwarded to my parents or I read them to my mom when I visit. Please keep them coming. It's uplifting my spirits in a way I didn't think possible.

601.278.4849 (text is the best way to get me ;) )