Friday, May 1, 2015

Day 18: When Doctors Don't See A Way, GOD CAN FIND A WAY

I'm currently sitting in the parking lot at Renaissance while on my lunch break. I literally have no words for what I'm about to type other than what I'm going to say....

I'm walking out to my car to take my lunch break later than usual and see a text from Patty regarding her cancer cell count. I tell her to call me because I'm in my car and can talk to her. She calls. Through squeals of laughter and excitement, she tells me the doctor just called her with the cancer count numbers from her lab results from yesterday. After her initial surgery to remove as many of the cancerous cells possible, 3 chemo treatments and the power of prayer, her numbers are almost to the cancer free total. We are keeping exact numbers private, but I will say she began this process in the 4 digit count, dropped to 3 digits after surgery and is now in the double digits.

I don't know what to do. I don't know what to pray. I don't know whether to laugh or cry. I have chills and am in shock at what this actually means. This is surreal to be so close this soon. So, I pull over and sit here in the parking lot and absorb what is going on and write. I put on my iPod and the first song to play is Big Daddy Weave's "Overwhelmed". God had my prayer of praise and thanksgiving in a song because I can't even think straight.

We just squealed over the phone how God still has plans for her on Earth and so many people are praying for her and He does hear our cries to Him. I'm convinced He will allow her many more years on this Earth because there's a whole lot of adulting I don't know how to do without her. I cut my finger with my pocket knife two nights ago (no judgements) trying to open something that required a different tool entirely, not the pink Swiss Army pocket knife Jason gave me as a last minute defense mechanism to put on my keychain. I saw blood and immediately ran to her room freaking out saying "WHAT DO I DO IT'S BLEEDING! I CUT IT WITH MY POCKET KNIFE! HELP ME!" She's on the phone with my aunt, looks at me like "really? I'm on the phone and you're 27" takes one look at it and tells me to go find Jerry to look at it, to which he responds with "I don't know Casey go show your mother". This is a typical response from Jerry. I don't even know why I tried for something different because he jokes that Patty is the "glue" of our family. She is what keeps us together. He wouldn't know what to do with "us kids" if anything happened to her... example A with my sliced finger.

Turns out I'm completely fine and it's like barely a paper cut, but still... blood and knives are scary and will continue to be so no matter how old I am.

Side note: Jerry has packed me a lunch 3/5 days this week. It's been awesome and I will go into further details later when I have more time than my quick 30 minute lunch break.

Jerry can be the glue too- if you can believe it you can achieve it Jerry! You pack those lunches and be that glue too!