Sunday, April 19, 2015

Day 17: Hair Dayz

As the chemo is taking it's toll on Patty's hair, some sweet sweet ladies (who will remain anonymous) pitched in to purchase her a wig- that I can't even tell is a wig. She walked in the other day with it on to try it out and I just kept talking and halfway through she goes "well?" I said "well what? I told you I'd clean and I will just give me a minute" She continues on, "no! can't you tell?" Again, "dude, quit playing games and tell me" We laugh and lo and behold.... SHE'S WEARING HER NEW WIG AND I HAD NO IDEA. It will almost make you want to cry because something so simple as having her hair gone, yet looking like it isn't is something special. Those ladies are selfless and serving God in a different way.. a way that makes my mom feel normal.

However, me and Jerry don't understand why she wants a fancy wig to look like herself when she can wear the wig my grandmother used to wear. I mean it isn't too good for any of us....

Look at the poise he has rocking that wig with that cavalier so graciously draped across his lap... rockstar
Even as an infant I knew what style really was....

Even Shaggy knew how to incorporate the wig into her every day style with a head scarf for a different type of look

As you can see, the wig has had it's time in the spotlight, and we can't understand why Patty will not allow it to grace her presence on the top of her head. But, if you had hair like this, I probably wouldn't deem it necessary to wear Nana's wig either ;)

Thank you everyone for your continued prayers and words of support. I love seeing all the cards in her box from all the people who love her as much as I do. She's my best friend ya'll.